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The United Nations global compact for migration is designed to “legalise illegal migration”, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said.

“This is utterly unacceptable and harms the sovereignty of member states, including Hungary,” he told a press conference in Budapest. The Hungarian government considers the UN plan an “extremely biased pro-migration document, which is harmful and dangerous”, Szijjártó said. The UN is about to make the same mistake as the European Union, “which has sought to base its migration policy on mandatory migrant quotas”, he said. “The UN package is even more dangerous because it is a global initiative,” he said. “Its impact will be greater than a continental policy and poses a risk to the entire globe.” The main point of contention over the package is whether or not it is mandatory, since the document contains the word “mandatory” eighty times, so the claim that the document only makes recommendations is false, Szijjártó said.

It states, for instance, that countries should undertake to inform migrants about migration routes and run information campaigns for people who want to leave their homelands, he said. Also, it would require countries to help migrants reunite with their families, he said.