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Hungary sees Ghana as a special trading partner and is proud that professional and diplomatic relations are on the upswing, Sándor Farkas, the agriculture ministry state secretary, said in Gödöllő, near Budapest, at the opening of the fourth Ghanaian-Hungarian Business Forum. Farkas said that Hungarian agricultural companies are already active in the country, citing Bábolna Tetra and a joint Ghanaian-Hungarian farm as examples. The state secretary welcomed progress in talks to market a Hungarian product dubbed Water Retainer, designed to retain ground waters and improve soil quality, in Ghana. Hungarian products have already been shown at a Ghanaian-Hungarian agriculture and processing industries forum, he noted. The Hungarian foreign ministry plans to set up regional agricultural centres to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology, Farkas said. Csaba Gyuricza, head of the national farm research and innovation centre, referred to a mango processing plant and farms to test the cultivation of basic food crops in Ghana as examples of booming cooperation. An exchange programme for young scientists, the first concluded with an African country, has also been launched, he said.